The Primary Role of Managers

  1. Lead Teams
    1. Keep success and big dreams very simple and don’t forget the “why”. Don’t be afraid to go for the big dream
    2. Know who you are and Have your own leadership philosophy
    3. Give people a voice; the better third way
    4. Be organized and Communicate proactively choices and barriers
    5. Bring the team along with you!
  2. Coach Direct Reports
    1. It starts with relationships
    2. Crystal clarity on what success means
    3. Feedback is a gift
  3. Develop Mastery
    1. Have an unlimited passion for the work
    2. Be inquisitive and focused on details
    3. Constantly ask yourself “What Did I just Learn?”
    4. Work hard and Show up when it matters most
    5. Define success when it comes to mastery
  4. Deliver Results
    1. Challenge status quo and Make clear choices
    2. Drive the change
    3. Set clear priorities to enable the overall objectives
    4. Focus the team on most important business drivers
    5. Break the larger vision down into actionable steps
    6. Engage employees to meet and exceed goals and Track progress
  5. Build Culture
    1. Role model
    2. Demonstrate appropriate values and behaviors
    3. Be aware of your reputation and impact on others
    4. Showing commitment by being personally present and involved in key events/initiatives