Entrepreneurship – Build your Purpose

A massive and transformative purpose statement for yourself, your company and the world.

The purpose should have these attributes:

  1. Massive / Inspires You
  2. Emotional (Wonder, Pain)
  3. Commit the next 10 years
  4. Your mission / focus
  5. Feels Authentic to You
  6. Brief / Easy to Memorise

List your positively-fuelled causes:

  1. What field most excites/fascinates you?
  2. What did you want to do as kid?
  3. What’s a conversation you engage in with friends that gives you incredibile energy?
  4. As you look back 30 years from now, what could you imagine to be the highlight of your life?

List you negatively-fuelled causes:

  1. What problem do you fear most?
  2. If you have $1 billion to make the world better, where would you spend it?
  3. What grand challenge do you desire to dedicate your mind & money to solve?
  4. What is a “wrong” that you need to right?

List whom you are serving:

  • Examples such as:
    1. Creators and artists
    2. Scientists working to extend the human healthspan
    3. Engineers rebuilding infrastructure in Africa
    4. Orphans in Ukraine

Choose your action verbs:

  • Examples such as:
    1. Solve Engineer Create
    2. Invent Enable Inspire
    3. Guide Educate Finance
    4. Teach Disrupt Reinvent

Build your purpose:

  • Use the action verbs, the group you wish to serve and your emotion-fueled purposes to craft the following sentence:
  • My purpose is “To (action verb) and (action verb) (whom you are serving) to (objective end goal 1), (objective end goal 2) and (objective end goal 3)”

Test your purpose:

  1. Say it out loud with energy (i.e., I see, hear, feel and know, that the purpose of my life/company is “To..”)
  2. Reflect about the emotions it generates (i.e., Is it inspiring, Are you proud of it, Can you easily memorise it, Are you willing to share it, Will it help you to guide and focus your time and resources?)

Share your purpose!

Source: MTP Challenge Workbook – P. Diamandis