Entrepreneurship – Moonshot Ideas

Moonshot is going 10X bigger or better when everyone else is pursuing incremental change.

Moonshot ideas, often taking years to achieve, are at the intersection of tremendous opportunities, breakthrough technology, and a radical solution.

Most companies thinks about incremental changes such as, “How do we reduce costs by 10%?” or “How can we increase profits by 10%?” and that’s not Moonshot thinking.

Purpose gives you the the focus and emotional energy to fuel your moonshots.

Entrepreneurs in the making are writing down their top three moonshot ideas.

Identifying your moonshot ideas matter because these:

  1. Give you uniqueness, as everyone else thinks incremental, and attract bold entrepreneurs to your cause
  2. Boost your creativity as you have now the permission to embrace crazy and weird ideas
  3. Force you to have a shift in perspective allowing to approach the problem in a radically different manner
  4. Surprise and shock you with what you come up with
  5. Finance your time and investments as 10X solution is rarely 10X more challenging
  6. Inspire you, your team and your investors

Source: MDP – P. Diamandis