Culture, Strategy and Talent

Culture is defined as the set of shared values, goals, attitudes and practices that make up an organization.

Strategy outlines the plan of action to achieve the vision and set objectives of an organization and guides the decision.

Talent are high performing and high potential employees.

Do not forget the learnings from Enron: talent and strategy without culture have created nightmarish ambitions and unethical food wars with unbelievable badness. Or the lesson of Circuit City: a talentless culture and strategy led to so poor customer service that the company needed life support before it eventually went bankrupt. Or the take-aways from Polaroid: culture and talent without strategy have allowed technology and competitors to destroy one of the most successful companies in corporate history.

The best leaders invest in them all. You are responsible for selecting the best talent, setting compelling strategies, and creating a high-performance culture. Your organization’s success depends on all three.

“Culture eats strategy for lunch, then talent sets the table”.

Source: Admired Leadership